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This sample pack gonna put your Psytrance to the next level!

Let me explain the why:

1.Unique and High-Quality Sounds!
Stop using the same sounds & preset of all the other Artists!

2."Sounds Proof". The Sounds* that you'll find in this Bundle are the sounds that I used for my tracks that were supported by:
-Timmy Trumpet 🔥
-Will Sparks 🔥
-Yellow Claw 🔥

-Bombs Away 🔥
-Uberjak'd 🔥
-Starx 🔥
-Asco 🔥
And many more... 

3.Ready to use!
All the sounds are ready to use to speed up your workflow and to avoid time wasted
(I know that feeling  when you search for the right kick or bass and sometimes It takes hours, but now you'll have the key to avoid this problem!)

Missing something?
Oh yeah, Over 100 Samples & Preset for Serum

The Sample Pack Includes:
15 - Kick
15 - Psybass loop 
15 - Psybass One-shot
15 - Synth One Shot
20+ Serum Preset
And a lot of more!!

Okay this seems like a grocery list BUT if you want to speed up your workflow and work with high-quality sounds this is THE sample pack that will make this happen!

You're only one step away to make Psytrance better and faster - Grab your copy now!

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