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This is whats happened in one year from my first release of the Hardpsy Bundle vol.1

And a lot of more!

This is only to tell you that everyone can reach their goals if you're brave enough to put yourself to work for them!

And this happens just ONE YEAR AGO!
From my first sample packs release and a lot of Producers that took my samples reached huge goals too!

And today I decided to release the new Hardpsy Bundle Vol.3 with ALL NEW SOUNDS that I tested during this year!

Let me explain a single fact with you, I'm not a magician or a kind of Guru and this is not a kind of Magic sample pack

I'm just like you, I put myself into a Hardwork mode and with these Samples and Presets I reached my goals!

So if you're willing to Work Hard for it this Bundle will works for you, also If you're searching for the magic trick, I'm sorry I don't have it!!! 

But if you're motivated to reach your goals here's the stuff that you'll find in your sample pack OVER 200 SOUNDS AND PRESET!

-Hardpsy Kick
-Hard kick
-Psytrance key label
-Psytrance Loop
-Drop Construction kit 
-Serum Preset + Wavetable
-Hard Kick Build up
-Build Up Snare
And a lot others stuff!!!

For the first 100 Copies will be discounted price of 12,99 only after the price will goes up and up!!!!

Decide now to smash your goals and to improve your Productions with just one click!

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