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This is the FLP that you need where you'll have the same samples and presets to make this drop
PLUS the project is Mixed and Mastered with my Masterchain!
So learn how to create insane Ravetok bangers!

You'll have:

- Samples
- Serum Presets
- Mix and Mastering process
- Royalty Free Sounds!

It works for FL STUDIO 20.7.1 and Higher Version!

Things that you'll find in the FLP:

  1. Drum Programming: Start by setting up a high-energy drum pattern. Utilize punchy kicks, snappy snares, and crisp hi-hats to establish a strong foundation for your drop. Experiment with layering and processing techniques to enhance the impact and intensity of the drums.

  2. Bass Design: Design a deep and aggressive bass sound that will drive the drop. You can use a combination of synthesizers or sample-based instruments to achieve a powerful and distorted bassline. Experiment with modulation, distortion, and filtering techniques to create a unique and cutting-edge bass sound.

  3. Synth Elements: Hypertechno is characterized by its intricate and energetic synth lines. Create multiple synth layers using a variety of high-pitched and metallic timbres. Experiment with arpeggios, fast-paced sequences, and intricate patterns to add complexity and intensity to your drop.

  4. Sound Design: Sound design plays a crucial role in hypertechno drops. Experiment with various effects like delays, reverbs, and automated filters to add depth and movement to your sounds. Utilize distortion, saturation, and modulation effects to make your elements more aggressive and impactful.

  5. Arrangement and Dynamics: Structure your drop for maximum impact. Begin with a buildup section that gradually introduces tension and energy. Utilize risers, sweeps, and atmospheric effects to create anticipation. Then, craft a powerful transition that leads to the drop. Incorporate well-timed pauses and silences to enhance the impact of the drop when it finally hits.

  6. Mixing and Mastering: Pay attention to the mix and master of your hypertechno drop. Ensure that each element has its own space in the frequency spectrum, and use EQ and compression to balance the levels and dynamics. Apply parallel compression, stereo imaging, and other mastering techniques to achieve a loud, clear, and polished final result.

Remember, this FLP serves as a starting point for your own creativity and experimentation. Feel free to modify and add your personal touch to the project. Enjoy the process of crafting your own hypertechno drop and unleash its power on the dance

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